Our thoughts are one, one order, one voice, one mind, we are Borg

Welcome to the Star Trek Online Datanode for the Unimatrix-001 Collective and our Klingon House of Fading Suns Fleet.

It is our aim to provide both a fleet and a community for a wide variety of different players. Our goal: - No matter your time constraints or play-style, we will offer a home for you within the Collective

What the Collective offers its Members

  • Access to a large, helpful and friendly community
  • Active TeamSpeak 3 server (optional with or without mic)
  • Veteran leadership that supports and seeks out fleet feedback
  • Many weekly activities - STFs both Normal and Elite, Fleet Marks missions and help levelling up lower ranked players
  • Active forum full of helpful tips, jokes, discussions, and more

What the Collective asks of its Members

  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Treat each member as you would have them treat you



Borg Queen

"You like having friends, don't you? Assimilation turns us all into friends. In fact, it brings us so close together, we can hear each other's thoughts."

Star Trek Voyager - Unimatrix Zero









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